ProPEL is a collaborative, multi-professional international network at the University of Stirling launched in 2010 to promote research and knowledge exchange in leading issues of professional education, practice and learning.

In 21st century conditions of rapidly changing societies, transnational knowledge cultures and work arrangements, increasing regulation and audit, restructuring of professions and changing expectations of professionals, we ask: What purposes and forms of education are most helpful to support professional learning in changing societies? The research network aims to create a dynamic working space for reconceptualising professionalism and professional learning, and for fostering collaborations to improve educational policy and practice to support professional learning.

A number of research projects are underway exploring our two themes; the changing nature of professional learning and responsibility in professional practice.We use a range of theoretical and methodological resources, particularly in practice-based or ‘socio-material’ approaches to understand professional knowledge.

Our network includes university-based researchers and doctoral students who are interested in health care, policing, social care, public education, management and organisation studies, and creative industries. We also host various events including international conferences.

Contact Us

We welcome new members to the network. Contact us at

(ProPEL, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA, UK)